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Timeless Interiors Unifying Beauty and Design
Atelier 15.4_Full Service Interior Design_London, England_A154_HP_1315.jpg
Atelier 15.4_Full Service Interior Design_London, England_A154_HP_0717.jpg

"Atelier 15.4 designed a beautiful home for me and my family. Through providing feasibility studies during our property search, navigating the planning and heritage application process for this listed building, and establishing contractor scope, they became trusted advisors. I wanted a home that stood the test of time, with light, bright and elegant features whilst still providing the practicality of a family home. The functionality of the house was a key objective which Atelier 15.4 addressed by reconfiguring spaces that work for me and my family whilst still respecting the historical elements of the home. They designed creative solutions for storage and provided seamless integration of my existing art collections with intricately designed furniture."

// And So It Begins... Client

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